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Starting a business?

You need to concentrate on the business

You need to concentrate on the business, not on the office equipment. We can probably save you money, but certainly save you time and worry.

There is a lot to think about, and a lot to do. We canít take that away, but we can help with one aspect Ė technology. Running a business today without a computer is like climbing Everest without oxygen Ė people do it, but you canít help feeling itís because they enjoy the pain! We have considerable experience with small businesses, and can provide whatever services you need from supply of a single PC to installation of networks to setting up a web site. More importantly we can advise on software and hardware ensuring that you get what you need, provide support on an ongoing basis, and help you to establish processes for good business practice and security of your data.

Computers do go wrong, and usually at the most inconvenient times. Buy a computer in the High Street, and  they will fix your problem, on their terms and in their time. We know that your data is important, and will try to meet your business priorities. The High Street can advise you on games for the children Ė we can advise you on software for the business!

We have helped lots of start-ups in the past, and know what is needed and what people overlook. You may start off as a small customer, but we aim to help you turn into a big business!

(And if you do want a PC for home, our prices are competitive there as well!).

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