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We supply a full range of hardware, from systems components, to fully customised PCs and servers, as well as mobile technology

System Components

We aim to supply systems that meet the needs of our customers, and accept that some of our customers want to do upgrades themselves. To help with that we supply a carefully chosen range of components which we are comfortable will provide the necessary quality and performance.

Whilst we obviously can't take responsibility for components you choose and fit yourself, we will be happy to offer advice (and even sort things out if you hit a problem!)

Please contact us if you want to discuss purchase of components

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Customised Systems

If you buy from one of the major suppliers, you will get a system which on average will be able to cope in some form with most people's needs. In general the emphasis will be on marketing features, so you will find very attractive components highlighted. What you will have more difficulty in finding is details of the less high profile components that can have just as much impact on the overall performance, and unless you are that lucky "average", just how well it will meet your needs.

At BDJR, we believe that every customer has requirements which are unique to them, and that their computer systems should reflect this. We aim to supply well balanced systems, where the performance of all parts of the system is matched to the overall needs of the customer's business, not the supplier's marketing department!

We will discuss what you need with you, and suggest a system that meets those needs, including sensible future growth. When we have agreed what you need we will build a system which is fully customised to your requirements.

Please contact us if you want to discuss purchase of systems

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Mobile Computing

For Notebook computers and PDAs, where there is a need for standardisation in case of problems out of the office, we prefer to offer products from major manufacturers that we believe offer performance and reliability at sensible prices.

For our specialist Mobile Data consultancy, visit www.mobilita.co.uk

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Whilst we can and do support Apple computers, as with other branded desktops, we do not normally supply them - although in line with our philosophy, if a customer particularly asked us to, I'm sure we would!

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