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All About us

We are a Merseyside based company, founded in 1996, providing a range of services to business and local government. Although the company is not large, we have a depth of experience gained from working in large companies which enables us to provide help and advice not usually available to the smaller business.

The team at BDJR can offer these services because we have over 40 years of real experience of delivering strategic change and innovation inside major corporate and government organisations




BDJR Computers Ltd
6 St. Albans Square,
Bootle, Merseyside,
L20 7BA

Telephone: 0845 123 5741/2/3
FAX: 0151 474 0703
General Information: info@bdjr.com
Sales: sales@bdjr.com
Customer Support: support@bdjr.com
Registered in England 3221082 Registered Office: Available on request
VAT Registration Number 674621326


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