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Welcome to BDJR Computers

We can help you with your IT needs

Whether you are a business start-up, or an existing business, an educational establishment or a charity, local government or a community group, we can help with your IT needs

Whatever your status, we can probably help

We have years of experience in helping organisations like yours on Merseyside. If we can't help, we will tell you that we can't, and try to refer you to someone who can - our aim is to build an ongoing relationship based on trust

Our reputation has been built on providing that little bit extra - for example a support service that is based on understanding your business, where you have met the people that deal with your problem rather than talking with an anonymous voice on the phone.

With work covering strategic consultancy for a multi-million pound company, to providing a laptop and printer for a business start-up, we try to take the same approach - friendly and personalised service based on solid experience

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